Kenya: The Golf Safari

Kenya: The Golf Safari
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Golf has arrived in Kenya. Today, there are over 42 golf courses stretched across the country, of which at least 12 have hosted major tournaments and are of international standard. The attraction of Kenya as both a golfing and tourist destination has been buoyed by its favourable climate, which is a mix of tropical and highland. The warm and sunny conditions make the country a great leisure and sporting destination. Kenya’s weather is ideal for golf all year round, making it one of the world’s top golfing destinations. No surprise, that the country has been awarded the ‘Best Undiscovered Golf Destination’ by the international body, IAGTO (International Association for Golf Tour Operators).

When the British invaded the country, they brought along many sporting activities. Golf is one such sport. The first golf course in the country was built in the 1900s by the British colonials.

Golf, undoubtedly one of the world’s best travelling sports, offers tourists the chance to relax and unwind in a natural environment while participating in a highly competitive and skilled game. Kenya is the ideal destination for travelers seeking a wide range of golf courses and other activities like wildlife safaris and water sports—such as snorkelling and deep sea diving. There are five golf courses near the Kenyan coastline, of which some offer incredibly stunning views of the beautiful Indian Ocean.

Golf and country clubs have the best facilities and quality of services, built on Kenya’s reputation of ‘welcoming warmth’. Most of the courses in Kenya have been designed using its natural landscape, which means that a round of golf in these world-class golf courses is a nature walk in itself, with a profusion of flora and fauna in and around the courses.

A variety of smaller courses offer unique geographical quirks for the connoisseur: from “Kenya’s only uphill course” on the slopes of Nakuru’s extinct Menengai volcano; to Mount Kenya Safari Club, where the Equator and a rich variety of wildlife cross the fairways; to one of the unlikeliest courses you’ll ever come across on the salt-encrusted shores of Lake Magadi.

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, is a modern city in the midst of hills, verdant forest and savannah plains. The combination of a modern cosmopolitan city and natural environs make Nairobi a perfect golfing destination. There are seven 18-hole courses including the historical Royal Nairobi Golf Club, which came into existence in 1906, and the Muthaiga Golf Club which is home to the Kenya Open-A European PGA event.

The second highest peak in Africa, Mt. Kenya is home to one of the best golfing experiences in the world. This is where the prestigious Mt. Kenya Safari Club is located. The course at the club is a nine-hole golf course, which opens to an African jungle— sighting gazelles, monkeys, and giraffes while teeing is a common experience. It is the only place in the world where you can tee off in the northern hemisphere and putt out in the southern, as the club is not only built on lush green slopes of Mt. Kenya, but also directly on the equator.

A golfing holiday in Kenya is certainly a memorable experience. Where else will you get the opportunity to jump from the southern hemisphere to the northern, and back again? Are you game for a golfing safari?

Why Kenya?

  • Awarded the ‘Best Undiscovered Golf Destination’ by IAGTO (International Association for Golf Tour Operators).
  • 42 golf courses across the country, out of which 12 have hosted international championship events.
  • Nairobi alone has seven 18-hole courses.
  • Ideal weather for golf all year round.
  • Profusion of flora and fauna at most of the courses.
  • Golf course at Mt Kenya Safari Club is located on the equator. One can tee off in the northern hemisphere and putt out in the southern.
  • Golf can be combined with water sports for an adventurous, fun-filled holiday on Kenya’s eastern coastline.