Mira Gulati: Jewellery Designer

Mira Gulati: Jewellery Designer
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What trends do you see for men and women this year?

For women, I see a lot of enamel jewellery. Chokers were never out of trend, but have been reinvented. Whether in a single line with gemstones or an irregular one, chokers are everywhere. Midi Rings have become a favourite too and are worn stacked for a trendy look. When it comes to men’s accessories, it is the staples like tie-pins, lapel pins and cufflinks but in unusual designs and motifs. For example, you could wear a four-leaf clover brooch or pin, pinned onto the lapel of an impeccably tailored suit.

What do you think is an overrated trend when it comes to wedding jewellery?

Wearing neutral tones for kundan, polki for the wedding is something I find boring and overrated. They have always been considered traditional and suitable options for weddings but that doesn’t mean you have to be restricted. Precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and tanzanite can be contrasted, giving a new definition to the jewellery. Experimental brides can look at semi-precious gemstones like topaz, peridot and opal.

How can one incorporate jewellery into the work wardrobe?

Fashion is never limited. The more explored, the better and enriching it becomes. Many pieces can be worn at work such as the hand harness, stacked midi rings, layered necklaces and the like. But make sure the design isn’t too flashy.

What piece of jewellery would you like to see back in fashion?

Passas and jhoomars are a hot trend among new brides. I would like to see the arsi ring come back. I find them quite intriguing. Earlier, these rings were flat but fitted with a mirror, bejewelled with gemstones, and worn by mistresses to preen and admire themselves or be able to sneak a look at their love. The royal pieces were studded in kundan and polki. Though there are many cocktail rings that are hugely inspired by the concept, I would like to revive the originals, as they were novel and have become lost with the passage of time. Also, I also would love to have kamarbandhs back. The magnificent kamarbandh owned by royalty and rich households found its place in the bridal trousseau. But I would like to experiment and come up with a design that is wearable with Western clothing as well.

Name a piece of jewellery worn by a celebrity on the red carpet this year that you’ve loved?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore our cocktail ring at a recent awards night function. It’s a gold ring with detailed craftsmanship and a special piece from Mirari.

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