Rio Olympics 2016: What Lies Beneath and Ahead for India!

Rio Olympics 2016: What Lies Beneath and Ahead for India!
Rio Olympics 2016: What Lies Beneath and Ahead for India!
Rio Olympics 2016: What Lies Beneath and Ahead for India!
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Accommodating Olympics in Rio 2016

Rio was announced as the chosen venue for Olympics 2016. There was a splash of news on the state of infrastructure and the security of the host country. Olympics 2016 began on a high note. Even withdrawal of a few high-profile players–considering the fact that Brazil is one of the places where a Zika epidemic has been declared–did nothing to dampen the spirit of the rest to bring home medals. Players from Pacific, South-east Asia, Africa, and all over America have reached Rio to win the competition, among the cheering crowds.

Government of India makes space for Rio Olympics

India’s representation in Rio was marked by encouragement,enthusiasm, and a few controversies. For the first time, India has sent over 100 players to the host country-15 days in advance to adjust to the playing conditions there.

A major upset was experienced in the beginning, when the Indian hockey team had to skip the inaugural event at Rio de Janeiro. However, the Sports Minister was quick to take charge by putting things in perspective. A new set of jerseys was immediately dispatched by the Hockey Federation to fit the size of the home team players. No upset for the team really; after they won their first match in the Olympic stadium against Ireland.

There was more good news for the Indian athletes who were paid at par with the government officials accompanying them. The Indian government had set aside a higher budget this year to make Olympics 2016 a success story for us.

Some debated facts about Rio 2016

Indian sportsmen, fans and media, expressed their anguish over a few decisions taken by the Olympic committee, on and off the field.

When Sardar Singh was replaced with PR Sreejesh as the Indian hockey team captain, it was sports- in-action which took a hit for the hockey fans-literally. The Indian hockey team is considered an ace card for Olympics. India has now pinned its hopes high on Sreejesh, a world-class goal keeper.

The tussle between two strong performers, Narsingh Yadav and Sushil Kumar in wrestling, gave Indian fans a bout of anxious moments. The desi Akhara challenge did no better for Sushil Kumar. Narsingh Yadav made it through even after the dope controversy- making it seem more like a skill of off-field manoeuvring.

India’s hope

• Narsingh, in the 74kg wrestling category, is expected to be a game of nerves on the big stage

• Sandeep Tomar, in the 57kg wresting game, should be ready to face the challenge for his first Olympic game

• Yogeshwar Dutt, 65 kg free style wrestling, is aiming for a second olympic medal

• Hardeep Singh and Ravinder Khatri in the 98 kg wrestling game performance is awaited with abated breath

• It will be Saina Nehwal vs China for badminton, yet again!

• Jitu Rai in 10 mm and 50 mm pistol shootout

• Deepika Kumari in archery, dealing with her nerves.

The Big feat so far

Dipa Karmakar is the first Indian woman gymnast to qualify in the Individual vault finals in the Olympics. She is one among only five women who has successfully landed the deadly Produnova vault-where she successfully did a front spring with her hands, completes two somersaults in-flight and then tries to land on her feet-where the weight on her leg is double her body weight. She is 45 kg and had a landing weight of almost 90 kg on her feet.

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