1-7 Feb 2011
The How of ‘Positive Thinking’

The correlation between positive emotions and good health is well known. What is less known is how these emotions impact health. An article published in Current Directions in Psychological Science points out how positive emotions may be acting as an antidote to stress, pain and illness—especially against poor health among the aged. The article suggests that the emotional health of people could affect their lifestyle choices: they could be exercising regularly and making sure they sleep well. Further, because of their stable emotional state, they could also be avoiding unhealthy habits such as smoking and risky sex. The benefits of these choices are most evident in old age, when people are more susceptible to ill health.

Positive emotions are also known to lower the level of chemicals that are associated with stress-related inflammation, and can even reverse, to some extent, the physical damage caused by stress.

One proof of this effect is pointed out in the paradox of ageing, where, despite significant loss of bodily function, a person’s emotional capacity seems to stay consistent with age. Therefore, as the study points out, people can extend their years of satisfied life despite old age just through the power of thought.

What Successful Women Want

As if George Clooney didn’t have enough going for him already, researchers at the University of Abertay Dundee have found something else that will boost his ego. The researchers found that as women become more financially independent, they prefer older, more attractive male partners.

Earlier research found that women prefer men who can provide for them, while men had a preference for women who look good. In case of women, at least, this predilection seems to change as they become more financially independent. The findings suggest that greater financial independence lends women greater confidence in choosing their mates.

Lead researcher Dr Fhionna Moore, a psychology lecturer at the University of Abertay Dundee, says: “We’d assumed that as women earn more, their partner preferences would actually become more like those of men, with a tendency towards preferring younger, more attractive partners rather than those who can provide and care for children. However, more financially independent women actually preferred even older men.”

Question of Ethics
Your physically fit patient asks for medicines. Should you prescribe them?

Your patient asks you for a prescription of antibiotic drugs because she is travelling abroad and wants to have medicines handy in case she falls ill. But you refuse to write her one because you conduct a check-up and find her absolutely fit physically. Are you being too rigid here?

A Touch of Faith

Love cannot be revealed or described in words. You can only smile like a mute while eating sugar, you cannot describe the taste



Which month has 28 days?

All of them.