11 - 17 May 2011
people on our mind
Pele’s Communication Dysfuction

Football legend Pele dribbled past many during his great career. But it seems he was at the receiving end when he signed up to endorse Viagra. The Brazilian was asked in a recent interview why he endorsed Viagra. He said he was not told that it was a drug for erectile dysfunction.

Pele said, “When I was invited to talk with the people from Pfizer, the company which produces Viagra, they said to me, ‘Listen, we have something that’s going to save the world’. What they told me was Viagra was a medicine for the heart, not for erection. I did the commercial for Pfizer, not for the product.”

The Spy Who Loved Again

Gopal Das, the Indian spy who made headlines last month when he returned home after 27 years in prison in Pakistan, is not wasting any time moving on with his life. ‘Hero’, as people in his village called him for being a rather stylish dresser (bell bottoms and what not), is all set to get married. The ex-spook sounds very pleased with this new romantic twist to his life. He can barely hide his excitement when asked about it. “Yes, my wedding has been fixed. The girl is from Shimla. But I don’t know her name yet (laughs). My brothers are making all the arrangements,” says Gopal Das. The wedding, he says, is likely to be in June. Amazingly, the 52-year-old looks extremely fit for his age and betrays no signs of his three-decade long term in prison. Gopal Das, who is from Gurdaspur in Punjab, was nabbed while on a spying mission near Sialkot in Pakistan in 1984.