A Conversation with Kunal Kapoor

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Q Model, then actor and now, pilot in training. Getting ready to fly Tom Cruise’s jet or co-pilot one of John Travolta’s planes alongside him?

A I am not training to fly Tom Cruise’s jet—I’d much rather teach him to fly my plane, thank you very much! Though I wouldn’t mind owning a line of jets like Travolta—he has some real winged beauties. Well, flying is a hobby. It’s something I’ve dreamt of doing since my childhood. I am training in Bhopal and will get my pilot’s licence soon. As far as being inspired to fly goes, Einstein once said, “We chase luxury like it’s the key to happiness, when all we really need to be happy is something to be enthusiastic about.” I am in complete agreement with this. Acting and flying are things I’m enthusiastic about, which is why I pursue them. It’s not one against the other—I just enjoy anything that’s challenging, and they are both extremely challenging.

Q So, is acting more of a hobby than a career for you?

A Acting is not a hobby or a career. It’s pretty much my whole life.

Q But it doesn’t seem that way given that your disappearing acts far outnumber your screen histrionics, despite having made an impact in films like Meenaxi and Rang De Basanti.

A It’s not like I disappear off the radar. When I am not visible on screen, I am busy filming. I really can’t do a movie till I feel really charged about it. If I had my way, I’d have a release every week, but I have to get enough scripts that I like. I’ve just finished a film called Lamhaa and I’m starting a film with Navdeep Singh that’s based in Punjab and then a superhero film with Anurag Kashyap called Doga. I hope to change the ratio of appearances versus disappearances now.

Q You are a hot single on the market. Who do you usually wake up with—a beautiful woman or yourself?

A Well, I mostly sleep with myself, so it’s sort of nice to wake up with the person you sleep with!