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A Master’s Degree in Giving

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For all those who hero worship mega philanthropists like Bill Gates and Bono and have rued our paltry bank balances, here’s some good news. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has recently introduced a one-of-its-kind master’s degree in philanthropy. And the first batch of 15 students has already begun training with NGOs in Delhi.

“We have observed that activities in NGOs are not properly channelised. It is for this reason that we started the course in July this year,” says Dr Devendra Kumar Choudhry, pro vice-chancellor, IGNOU.

The students of the course are being trained to be practical and not preachy. There isn’t much theory involved; in fact 70 per cent of the course module requires students to be out in the field.

So now, charity doesn’t just begin at home. You can learn it at school too. So Messrs Gates and Buffett, are you listening?