Belt-tightening Measure

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Mumbai Police Commissioner Dhanushyakodi  Sivanandan wants his men and women in top form, literally. The police chief has made it clear that alongside detection and policing skills, the proportions of a police officer’s body will play a dominant part in his or her selection for higher postings.  Sivanandan, who has been in office for less than a year, has encouraged his officers to spend time at the new gyms that have been set up at Mumbai’s police stations. He has even asked them to take time out for yoga classes. The latest addition to the Commissioner’s health-first list is the inauguration of a new police canteen at the Naigaon Police Headquarters in Mumbai, which will serve officers low-calorie food. This will be prepared with the help of diet consultants. In fact, according to some sources, he even plans to hold an orientation workshop for the wives of policemen to help their women prepare heart-smart meals.