China’s Deepening Cavities

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When China becomes the next superpower, it will be one with really week teeth. A survey by Beijing Stomatological Hospital shows that no more than 1 per cent of people in Beijing use dental floss, and less than half of middle-aged residents clean their teeth even twice a week. Not surprisingly, a national study also revealed that nearly 69 per cent of 5-year-olds in Beijing have dental cavities. Besides poor dental hygiene, a possible reason is that China’s one-child policy has created pampered children who have a diet high in sugar and fat. China’s dismal oral hygiene is really not surprising. In 2002, officials found that many people use twigs or green tea to clean teeth, because of tradition or a lack of money. The late Chaiman Mao Zedong himself was famous for having had stained green teeth in old age.