Chronicle of an Election Foretold

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Will Manmohan Singh continue as PM or is Mayawati going to rule the roost? The Internet is buzzing with predictions from astrologers. Bejan Daruwala’s blog says the BSP will expand base in states other than UP while cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin may face a tough time. He even has an explanation for Varun Gandhi’s infamous speech. “Ganesha says it’s the diabolical Rahu-Ketu effect that has fanned embers in Varun’s brain,” says his blog. The site predicts Manmohan Singh will continue as PM. And that women candidates like Sonia Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee and Jayalalithaa will decide the fate of this election. However, astrologer Anupam Kapil warns:“Individual predictions are easier, but party alliances a different thing altogether.”