Coffee, Tea and US Politics

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If you found American two-party politics a tad dull for your robust Indian multi-party palate, here’s news. After the much hyped Tea Party movement, there is now a counter Coffee Party movement. With over 100,000 fans on their Facebook page as of 9 March, it seems to going viral. In 2009, the Tea Party movement developed in response to US President Barack Obama’s colossal stimulus plan for the economy. Their objective was lowering taxes and smaller, more manageable, government. The first Tea Party convention was held in February this year with Sarah Palin a keynote speaker. The Coffee Party Movement ( began a few weeks ago in 2010 and believe the federal government ‘is not the enemy of the people.’ Their mission is to give voice to Americans who want to see co-operation in governance. There are almost 70 chapters across the US and one in Germany. The national coffee party convention day in 13 March.  What next, a cola party?