Come Again

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MUMBAI ~ Sherlyn Chopra’s nude form will come alive once again, this time in 3D. Kamasutra 3D, which stars the soft porn actress, will be an iconic movie, promises its director Rupesh Paul. “And if you call it porn, so be it,” he says.

Paul incidentally has also made Saint Dracula 3D, which was shot with a firang cast and crew and is the first 3D Dracula movie ever. That movie gave him the momentum to raise funds for Kamasutra 3D, a dream project of his. “Everyone thought I want to make porn and it was hard to convince people that it was going to be aesthetically shot. But it will be clear when the movie releases at Cannes in May.”

Paul’s movie is not based on the original text by Vatsyayana. This Kamasutra was written by a celibate guru in Mughal India. Paul says the story is unlike the original because it talks about “making your wife into 40 women” instead of “seducing 40 different women”. The movie will adhere to traditional Indian family values, but it will not compromise on nudity where it’s needed. “Our contemporary family values are just a hangover of Christian British values. I am following our ancient values. There will be a lot of sexual content in keeping with that. I promise you it will be remembered forever.” Actress Sheryln Chopra is taking the iconic bit a little too seriously. She refused to talk to us unless we put her on the cover.