Curdled Gift for Rahul

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Congressmen are known for their sycophancy, especially when it comes to the Gandhis. So it was no surprise that they fell over themselves to get Rahul baba mishti doi after he mentioned his fondness for it at a press conference in the city. Loaded with pots of the stuff, they lined up in front of the PSU guest house where Rahul was staying.

But the SPG played spoilsport and save a handful of top leaders, no one was allowed to meet Rahul. Some workers even wanted to leave the earthen pots behind for Rahul to bless but the SPG wouldn’t even allow that. The owner of a sweet shop outside the guest house offered to buy the doi for half the price at which the enthusiastic Congress workers had bought it and they readily agreed. The owner turned out to be a local CPM leader who treated his followers to the doi the next day after a hard day’s work on the campaign trail. Smart man, this, turning Rahul’s loss into the Left’s gain. Wonder if this is a sign of things to come in the election.