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There has reportedly been a surge in the number of Chinese tourists visiting India.In 2003, only about 21,000 Chinese tourists visited the country via Delhi's international airport. by 2oo8, this number had shot up to 100,000. Last year around 900,000 Chinese tourists cam visiting through Delhi. In response the Duty Free operator at Indira Gandhi International Airport has recently hired six students of Mandarin at Jawaharlal Nehru University as shopping managers. There are plans to hire four more by February next year and to train sales staff to speak basic Mandarin. Signage and leaflets in the script have already been put up at the airport. Acording to the Duty Free operator, an average Chinese traveller spends three times more than his Indian counterpart—about $250-300 on products like tea, tobacco and cognac, all available at the airports Duty Free.