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Damages for the Spy

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An Indian spy who returned in April after spending 27 years in Pakistan’s prisons has taken the Indian Government to court for damages. This is perhaps the first time that a spy has demanded compensation from his government for years lost in prison. “Our plea has been accepted by the Supreme Court. We will know at the next hearing what the response of the Government will be,” says Gopal Dass, 54, who was arrested near Sialkot in Pakistan in 1984, while on a spying mission. The Supreme Court has sought a response from the Government in four weeks. Dass, who belongs to Gurdaspur in Punjab, has questioned the Government for refusing to recognise him as an Indian citizen. Speaking to Open during an earlier interview, Dass had said, “The strongest proof of my nationality is my passport. I will go to the Supreme Court and ask for those who contest my Indian citizenship to be summoned.”