De-carboned Pani

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Free water. Without branded plastic casings. Bundanoon was the first town in Australia and possibly the world to ban bottled water. It unveiled water stations and drinking fountains where parched people can drink long, deep and freely. This tiny town’s 2,000 residents enacted this ban after a company wanted to extract water in Bundanoon, transport and package it in nearby Sydney, before returning the town’s water bottled and ready for sale at 300 times its original tap-price. Besides lightening the heavy carbon footprint caused by bottles made of crude oil that are used just once and tossed and trucked about in gas guzzling trucks, Bundy-zens now get to drink water without plastic artifice. Just lifted into the mouth and tipped in from folded pink palms. And for those who need to carry water about, Bundy’s got refillable bottles.