DoGood with an iPhone

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Now charity can begin with your iPhone and iPod. A new application called DoGood, which can be downloaded free from the Apple store, pushes you to do your good deed for the day. And helps you keep count as well. DoGood has been designed by Mobil33t (pronounced Mobileet), a venture of three University of Michigan students: Kunal Jham, Mayank Garg and Jason Bornhorst.

The founders are delighted with the way the DoGood movement (as they call it) has taken off. They claim over 25,000 users have downloaded the application since its launch on 7 June. “DoGood is born out of a very simple idea—to unite individuals into a significant movement through simple acts of kindness,” says Jham, a software engineer.

But how does one calculate good deeds? “It’s really simple, actually. Every individual that presses the ‘done’ button after doing a good deed increments a global counter, to tally up the total dogoods done. It even adds to the total number of dogoods done in the past hour. Individuals can view this information on the stats page,” Jham explains. And the highest score one can rack up? “Oh, the optimists in us made room for numbers in the hundreds of millions,” Jham says, adding a smiley.