Early Birds Don’t Disturb the Worms

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Feet planted wide, mouths agape and with a pair of binocs glued to their tilted heads, it’s always easy to spot birders. But their growing flock, specially birders with cameras, have been causing a commotion as they push through the bush for the perfect shot. By breaking into feeding areas and nesting sites, they cause bird-stress. “Few birders are aware of the disturbances they cause, so we felt it was time to share bird photography ethics,” says Anand Padhye, course coordinator of the certificate course in basic ornithology at Pune’s MES Abasaheb College and ELA Foundation. This year, the institute has introduced Bird Photography Ethics. “It’s time for the unwritten rules to become explicit,” says Padhye. Strange that birders who can spout Latin, English and local names for the hoopoe don’t know that they need to keep a safe distance from birdies.