Eat Your Cake and Have the Plate Too

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Diane Bisson, industrial design professor from Universite de Montreal, Canada, has teamed up with chefs and diet-icians to create some unique edible cutlery.

Q How did the thought of creating edible plates and cutlery strike you?

A I was picking up my son from day care when I became aware of huge barrels at the school’s entrance filled with disposable plates covered with half-eaten cake. It seemed excessive that such small children were creating so much waste. I thought what if the plate could be made into an integral, edible part of the cake?

Q How did you develop prototypes of these plates?

A About 40 recipes were developed from some 400-cuisine trials during the first year of research. I am now exploring 3D shapes for new approaches in plates and containers.

Q What are the materials used?

A I have used vegetables, beans and a variety of vegetable-based flours. Colour additives have been avoided.

Q What about commercial viability?

A I’ll start work next spring on refining products for a broader market. I hope to complete that within the year. I hope industries show interest.