From US to China, Trains Make a Comeback

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All over the world, people are falling in love with the good old train.

Here’s a lowdown: US The Obama government has earmarked $13 billion for a high-speed network, including building railroads and networks in California, Chicago, Pacific North West, and Florida. China Plans to add 600 railway stations by 2010 and double the frequency on the Tibet railroad. Cost: $5 billion. Saudi Arabia The Wahhabi kingdom is spending a whopping $15 billion for a highspeed link between Mecca and Medina that will zoom through at 260 kmph. Another line will join the north of the kingdom to the south—the longest since the time of Lawrence of Arabia. Dubai The driverless, fully automated metro for this city has been commissioned for a reported $5 billion. This will have 200 km of metro line running through Dubai to bust its current traffic congestion. It is believed to be the most shockproof tube in the world.