Having a Critic for Dinner

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If you’ve been missing Sir Anthony ‘Hannibal’ Hopkins in Hollywood blockbusters of late, it’s probably because he’s put his heart and soul into a different sort of role—that of a painter. The Oscar-winning Welsh actor’s second exhibition comprising 50 landscape and abstract works will open in London this February. Thirty eight of the works are on paper, seven are on acrylic and the rest are limited edition prints.

The Wikipedia page on Sir Anthony notes that he was a keen artist in his school days but he first exhibited his artwork in 2006 at a gallery in San Antonio, Texas. The painting apart, he is also known to be an accomplished symphony composer. His debut as a composer was in 2009, when the Dallas Symphony played his piece The Masque of Time. In addition, he wrote and directed his first film Slipstream in 2007. Now, that’s what we call a versatile actor.