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Hollywood’s Very Own Twin Deficit

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If surrogacy is the new ‘It’ word for Hollywood’s ‘It’ brigade, then surrogate twins are the latest limited-edition fad. Hollywood stars Dennis Quaid and Angela Bassett and pop star Ricky Martin have all enlisted the help of a surrogate mother for made-to-order twins.

At the forefront of the current fad is Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker, who seems to have taken her trendsetting role to heart. She and husband Mathew Broderick have two twins in a womb, in addition to their biological child. The couple’s surrogacy has had more than its fair share of controversy, thanks to the identity of the surrogate mother being made public and then her house being burgled.

But to flog a dead cliche a little bit more—reel life is imitating real in Hollywood. As surrogacy becomes the newest fad in trend-obsessed Hollywood, Halle Berry is said to be making a movie titled Surrogate — where a couple find out that the woman they have hired as a surrogate mother is actually insane.