Honour Killings, a Call to the PM

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The murder of two young girls— Zahira and Husna—by their mothers in Uttar Pradesh shocked the nation. They had been killed because they wanted to marry individuals not of their religion. Incensed by the increase in the number of honour killings in UP and by the lackadaisical attitude of the police, the Delhi-based organisation Love Commandos decided to get involved. It sent a letter to the Prime Minister on 15 May, requesting him to do something.

Sanjoy Sachdev, chairman of Love Commandos, says, “In Punjab and Haryana, the high courts have taken welcome steps such as creating shelters for couples whose lives are in danger. But in UP, the Allahabad High Court takes two to three months to hear a case.” What enrages him even more is that implementation agencies and the Judiciary are sometimes biased towards the parents. “The Supreme Court has been sensitive to the situation. It is the lower judiciary and the police that are the problem,” says Sachdev. For now, Love Commando awaits a letter from the PMO.