How Do You Say That in Na’vi?

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For more than a century, ambitious filmmakers, writers, intellectuals and enthusiasts have been creating their own languages. Wikipedia has a page dedicated to ‘conlangs’ as they are called. We bring you the most famous of these:

Esperanto: LL Zamenhof created it at the end of the 19th century to serve as a bridge between cultures who didn’t share a native tongue. Esperanto has dedicated university departments and has reportedly been spoken by roughly 2 million speakers over a century.

Quenya and Sindarin: created by JRR Tolkein as languages of the elves in his epic Lord of the Rings.

Klingon: used by the Klingons, the villainous alien species in the Star Trek TV series. Deemed to be the most popular fictional language by the Guinness Bbook of Records, a few works of Shakespeare and parts of the Bible have been translated into Klingon.

Na’vi: the official language of the hostile, fictional moon Pandora in Avatar. The creator, Paul Frommer, a professor with a doctorate in linguistics, hopes that like Klingon, it will have a cult following.