Kerala's Very Own IPL Team

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Priyadarshan, Mohanlal and Shashi Tharoor are setting up a cricket team called City Cricketers, in the hope of making it to the IPL in 2010

Filmmaker Priyadarshan, Malayalam superstar Mohanlal and Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor are in the process of setting up a cricket team from the south in the hope of making it to the IPL in 2010. The team will be called City Cricketers. With the BCCI looking to include more teams in the IPL, the Kerala heavyweights are determined to make their presence felt on the cricket field.

Priyadarhsan, a childhood friend of Mohanlal, says both have been diehard fans of cricket from the very beginning. “I used to open the innings,’’ he says. The Kerala Cricket Association, affiliated to the BCCI, has already approved the project.

Two NRIs and a few corporates have expressed their desire to fund the project, which would cost around Rs 250 crore. The team will also get its own stadium near Kovalam.