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“Likha hai, boss. Verbatim”

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Niira Radia and associate Manoj crow about how Vir Sanghvi followed her brief "verbatim".

DATE 20 June 2009 TIME 22:53:23

RADIA: Haan, Manoj

MANOJ: I think it is a good article.

RADIA: It is a good article. I think it gets the message to the audiences we want to get.

MANOJ: Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. I mean a little bit of hit we will also have to take, but primarily…

RADIA: We have to take that, I agree with you

MANOJ: I am just downloading the text, I am cut-pasting it because I have to do some tigdambaaji to it, if you just…

RADIA: Ummmm, okay, rdddda, okay, I can’t see it, not… I can’t see the one person thing, oh yeah, it is one thing for an industrialist to, yeah, yeah...

MANOJ: Yeah, yeah, likha hai boss. Verbatim.

RADIA: Another for [unclear] him to corner our gas, our coal, our spectrum, our iron ore or whatever… (both laughing) Yeah, that’s right.

MANOJ: Yeh sab log samajh jayenge kaun hai iske pichhe karke (Everyone will understand who is behind this).

RADIA: Haan?

MANOJ: All the people whom you have spoken to with the same argument will realise who is behind this article.

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