Meet the Compulsive Loser

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He may be the only candidate in this election who prefers to lose than win. Meet 51-year-old K Padmarajan, who runs a tyre puncture and retreading shop near Mettur in Tamil Nadu and is contesting as an Independent from Dharmapuri Lok Sabha constituency. Padmarajan wants to become the most unsuccessful candidate in elections in this country. This is his 101st time. He has contested many times to Panchayat, corporations and even director boards of cooperative institutions. He has lost all. The highest number of votes he polled was in 2004 when he secured 5,161 votes in Dharmapuri Lok Sabha constituency. Padamarajan terms himself as an ‘all-India election king’. I will contest elections till death. My message to the people is simple. Anyone can contest elections,’’ he says.