Now, Go Live on Web TV

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A young company called India Vibes, a Kochi-based web TV outfit, is in the news for winning the Bloomberg UTV-Aegis Graham Bell Award for innovation in mobile content. For those who are wondering what web TV— ‘an emerging genre of digital entertainment’—is, Andrew Mendez, one of the five founders and CEO of the company, explains, “We create video content targeted at web audiences. What sells on TV does not sell on the internet. Most of our programmes have an average duration of five minutes. We address web communities—bloggers, photographers, music lovers and so on.” Elaborating on what got them the award, Mendez says, “We are now working on user-generated content. Every person who carries a mobile can give us data. The content will be given by the user and our guys will edit it and host it. So essentially, we are converting every phone into a source of data.”