Picasso’s Passage to India

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Pablo Picasso may never have made that trip to India but a couple of his original hand drawings and etchings are making their way to the India Art Summit in New Delhi this week. Beck & Eggeling, a German gallery, is bringing two chalk-on-paper works by Picasso dedicated to his good friend Andre Verdet. Faune (24 x 18 cm) is dated 13.12.52 and bears the inscription ‘Pour Andre Verdet’ while Bonjour a mon ami Andre Verdet (31 x 24 cm) is dated 17.5.58. Both are valued around Rs 47 lakh.

“We bought them directly from Andre Verdet,” says Stefan Wimmer of Beck & Eggeling. “The Picassos will come in a special airfreight carrier. All of them have old frames, some from the Renaissance period, and are enclosed in a special glass which protects the works from UV light.”

That apart, the gallery is also bringing some of his etchings. But these are valued far lower, about Rs 5-11 lakh.

But it’s not just the international galleries with the big names. Indian gallery Marigold Fine Art promises to display two original Salvador Dali sculptures, Dance of Time II and Surrealist Newton. So those of you who missed that first-ever-exhibition of Picasso’s works in the winter of 2001 in New Delhi, here’s a chance to make up. Well, somewhat.