Ravana Leela?

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Ravana as an icon of women's safety

Ravana as an icon of women's safety

Vijayadashami or Dussehra, which fell on 13 October this year, is celebrated across the country as the day Lord Rama slayed Ravana, as the triumph of good over evil. However, there are a few groups that do not agree with the manner in which Ravana has been portrayed. One such group is Adi Dharam Samaj in Jalandhar; they pray to Ravana and refer to him as ‘Mahatma Ravan’. According to them, at a time when a number of rape cases are being reported across the country, Ravana should be feted for protecting Sita, who was his rival Rama’s wife. They claim that he could prove an icon for women’s safety. Not so demonic now, is he?