Roll, Roll, Roll: a Football Tricycle

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A soccer fan from Hyderabad has created a football-shaped tricycle. K Sudhakar Yadav’s creation, Trike, is an eight-foot diameter seven-seater with pedals for all riders, seated inside. Yadav uses a rack and pinion system to drive his green machine. “It’s eco friendly and can go upto a speed of 20 kmph. The riders can see through the round openings created in the football,’’ the creator says. Yadav has notched up some 170 such inventions dedicated to sport. All of them are housed at a museum he has created. They include 30 cars, replicas of trains, tricycles and double-decker buses. “It has been my hobby since the 1990s,’’ he says. All his creations are made from scrap, including the world’s biggest tricycle—four storeys high—which earned  him a Guinness Book mention.