Seoul Curry

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Now you can get a taste of Delhi Belly in Seoul. Tired of the same old Bulgogi and Bibimbap, South Koreans are now turning to tandoori chicken and aloo gobi for gastronomic salvation. Punjabi cuisine has made inroads into South Korea, with a record number of 300 restaurants serving Indian dishes in the country. Most of these eateries are not owned by people of Indian origin, but by young Nepalese entrepreneurs. However, an Indian visiting Seoul would find the dishes served at restaurants like Mount Fishtail bland, as the spice quotient has been toned down to suit the local palate. Some of the most popular dishes on these menus are naan, roti and lassi. Such is the demand for Indian food that local restaurants are constantly on the lookout for new talent, and willing to pay up to $6,000 per annum.