The Adventures of Captain Kargil

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A 29-year-old merchant navy officer’s comic book on Captain Vikram Batra of the Indian Army, who died in Kargil, is attracting lots of attention. Called the Indian war comics series and distributed by Om Books International, it features military heroes of the post-Independence generation.

Author Aditya Bakshi is now ready with his second offering on Col NJ Nair of the Sixteenth Maratha Light Infantry. It is titled The True Maratha and perhaps Raj Thackeray should be sent a copy. “We live in a time of reality shows that celebrate self-assertive values. The time has never been more right to talk about self-transcending values, heroes who put the lives of others before thir own,” says Bakshi. The third book, which Bakshi has just finished, is on Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan of National Security Guards who was killed during the 26/11 siege in Mumbai last year.