The Beautification of Nasihu

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An Egyptian mummy dating back to 2,500 BC will soon go under the knife for a much-needed restoration. For the delicate operation on Nasihu, the 16-year-old daughter of a pharaoh, at Hyderabad’s State Museum, Egypt has sent a team of experts. Dr Tarek El Awdy, Director of Scientific Research in the Supreme Council  of Antiquities and Dr Sama Mahamed El Marghani, Director-General of  Treatment of Biological Damage, will supervise  the mummification exercise being done jointly by Egyptian and Indian experts.

The surgery will involve removing Nasihu’s liver, lungs and intestines and her face, legs and hip will be restructured. “All the internal organs will be emptied out and stuffed with cotton-foam, just like the Egyptian pharaohs did centuries ago when they embalmed bodies,’’ say experts. The exhibit was removed from the public gallery after it was found to be decaying due to exposure to the sun.

The mummy was originally brought by Naseer Nawaz Jung, a Hyderabad royal, after he bought it for £1,000 in a 1930 London auction.