The Blackbacks Are Back

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The iconic Polaroid film is back. Back in February 2008, when the Polaroid company announced its decision to stop production of its iconic instant film, the blogosphere reverberated with hurt and nostalgia. But some aggrieved fans did more than just blog. The Impossible Project, a company set up by ten former Polaroid employees, took over an abandoned factory in Enschede in the Netherlands in October 2008, and acquired production machinery from Polaroid itself. Now, the project is ready with its first batch of film packs for the Sx-70 camera made in the 1970s. Each pack costs $21 and can produce eight B&W images. The company expects to be ready with colour film by the summer. Interestingly, two years ago, when the Polaroid company decided to cease production, its timing was ironic. Later that year, an Aamir Khan movie called Ghajini ran to full theatres across the country. Polaroid prints played a pivotal role in the blockbuster film about a man who suffers extreme short-term memory loss using Polaroid shots to keep track of his day. Thanks to The Impossible Project, Polaroid will no longer be a forgotten memory.