The Caste Buster Card

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Tamil Nadu is holding out a carrot to entice residents of the state to ignore caste, community and religious considerations. According to a recent state government decision, people who brave societal considerations of caste and community to enter into marriage will be awarded for their conscientiousness with speedy allocation of ration cards. According to Food and Civil Supplies Minister EV Velu, a caste-no-bar couple only have to produce a marriage certificate to get a ration card within a month of application. Couples can buy rice, wheat, sugar and pulses at throwaway prices from PDS (Public Distribution System) stalls across the state with the card for as little as Re 1 per kg. Till now, it was a Herculean task for a newly-wed couple to obtain a new ration card in the state. Both husband and wife were required to obtain a No Objection Certificate from their respective district supply offices, given on the basis of consent letters from the couple’s family. In cases of children marrying outside the community, parents often refused to provide consent forms. Now, at least they will have food security.