The Gold Thief’s Banana Diet

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The police are keeping alive the notorious Bengali interest in scatology. According to a recent report in The Times of India, the city police arrested Raju Thakur for snatching a gold necklace on the complaint of one Ishani Chatterjee. Thakur, the police say, agreed rather happily to a body search when the police tracked him down. They found nothing on his person but the complainant insisted that Thakur was the guy who had attacked her near the  Calcutta Swimming Club. The police then made him undergo an ultrasonography and the gold necklace was found in his lower abdomen. The search successful, two men have now been assigned the duty of feeding Thakur guavas and bananas so he ‘ejects’ the necklace. And if this fails, then Thakur will be hospitalised. The Kolkata cops had successfully recovered snatched goods through a similar modus operandi operations in another case five months ago. Quite some internal probe team, this.