The Lost iPhone

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Did Apple lose the prototype of its next iPhone model, the iPhone 4G, in a bar? Earlier this week, Apple-stalkers went into a frenzy over pictures of a device that looked suspiciously like a fourth-generation cousin of the iPhone. The pictures were published first on the gadget page Gizmodo, which apparently bought the phone from someone who found it in a bar in Redwood City, California. The latest improvement to the iPhone apparently has, among other things, a front-facing camera, and 80 GB storage. Gizmodo says Apple’s counsel has already written to the webzine asking the phone to be returned. For years, the secretive tech company has successfully built up anticipation for its products by hiding its design plans till the very last minute. That strategy has worked so well that Apple’s profits are up 90 per cent, according to its latest quarterly results. But wait, could this just be the ultimate marketing ploy?