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To Beef or Not to Beef

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Holy cow! The BJP wailed. No beef on the Commonwealth Games (CWG) menu, it had demanded of Suresh Kalmadi, Chairman of the CWG Organising Committee. But with less than three months to go before the cooks get to work, the shopping list is still hanging fire. In response to a Right to Information application, the guys in charge had this to say: ‘The organising committee of the Commonwealth Games has decided to provide nutritious meals to the participants as per the guidelines of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CWF).’ It added: ‘The CWF guidelines state that the committee must provide quality 24-hour catering service offering nutritious meals and snacks to athletes and their team... taking into consideration cultural and dietary requirements and the need for variety.’ Hmm. Given the high protein content of the meat in question, it does seem the BJP will be yelling Holy Cow again.