Uday Chale LA

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Earlier this year, Uday Chopra, whose acting career was given life by his family’s studio, Yash Raj Films, said that after one final go, the jig would be up. In June he tweeted, ‘…Dhoom 3 is my swan song… my last film…’ The Dhoom franchise gave Chopra a role to be remembered for, as a jokey, desperate sidekick, but other endeavours did not work as well as the blockbuster franchise.

His ‘swan song’ was taken to be a retirement. That was a mistake. Chopra will lead the family studio’s international division, with a focus on producing and financing movies in Hollywood. He told PTI, the news agency, that Yash Raj’s first venture is titled The Longest Week, and will star Jason Bateman. The move is a big one for Yash Raj, traditionally a fiscally conservative studio. However, it is consistent with the studio’s recent attempts to expand into new spheres: television, a youth division, and now Hollywood.