Paris Attacks

What Europe Must Get Right

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Administrative and political acumen can make a difference
By now it is clear that much of the terrorist activity in Europe, and potentially elsewhere, is due to the geopolitical upheaval in the Middle East. It is fashionable to say that US intervention in the region—the two Gulf Wars and constant ‘guidance’ of monarchies there—is responsible for the mess.

This is a blinkered view of history. Since their creation, Syria and Iraq have been ‘artificial nations’. These countries were created ‘on the map’ without any consideration for their ethnic makeup. Even their maps were but hastily drawn lines in the sand. To top it all, they were led by leaders who worsened things. Jordan too would have been a mess had it not been for its exceptional rulers. Instead, it is an island of stability in a turbulent region. The moral of the story: administrative and political acumen can make a difference; blaming foreign powers for your woes is only an excuse. As for Europe, the answer should be clear: military non-intervention in terrorist havens is asking for more trouble.