Yenna Rascala! You Will Not Eat My Dosa

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Guns blazing, white boots gleaming, Quick Gun Murugun has ridden out once again to make the world a better place. Our hero is claiming his rightful place under the sun by accepting the challenge to make the world’s largest dosa, and thus enter the Guinness Book of World Records. Telugu superstar Rajendra Prasad, who plays the veggie cowboy in the sambhar comedy Quick Gun Murugun, due to release in three languages in the country on 28 August, will prepare the dosa with the help of 16 cooks at Sankalp restaurant in Ahmedabad, which holds the current record of a 30-foot dosa. Mind it, the sambhar-guzzling Quick Gun, whose mission in the film is to save the world from arch villain Rice Plate Reddy’s evil plans of making the ultimate non-veg dosa, has promised to make his 31-foot dosa in less than 40 minutes. Totally guntastic!