New Year Double Issue

2017 New Year Double Issue

2017 New Year Double Issue

What’s wrong with democracy ~ by S Prasannarajan
Will the rule of knowers save the world?

Post-truth and Indian politics ~ by PR Ramesh
It gets worse before it gets better

Marxism and martial arts ~ by Ullekh NP
The death of fear in Malabar

From the vedic to demonetisation ~ by Aresh Shirali
The origin of money

The eternity of homecoming ~ by Rahul Pandita
The call of Kashmir and the rite of memory

In praise of stoicism ~ by Nandini Nair
Surviving the age of anxiety

Cradle of the classical ~ by V Shoba
Tracing the legacies of the holy trinity of Carnatic music

The barter country ~ by Madhavankutty Pillai
The most fundamental economic interaction is in vogue again

The original sin ~ by Siddharth Singh
The legacy of Lucknow 1916

The last marriage broker ~ by Lhendup G Bhutia
The traditional matchmaker faces up to online challengers

Once in royal David’s city ~ by Rachel Dwyer
We celebrate multiple Christmases

A boxer's life ~ by Aditya Iyer
The idea of Vijender Singh

Do gods lie? ~ by Arshia Sattar
Fake news in mythology

In search of the true Bengali ~ by Sunanda K Datta-Ray
The persistence of an identity dispute

Alt/Strokes ~ by Saurabh Singh

Girl ~ by Upamanyu Chatterjee
A short story