Special Issue

4 Years of Modi

4 Years of Modi

S Prasannarajan | PR Ramesh | V Shoba | Siddharth Singh | Rahul Pandita | Amita Shah

Everything Has Changed ~ by S Prasannarajan
Modi is the change India is yet to comprehend fully.

Narendra Modi: Still the Unchallenged ~ by PR Ramesh
Karnataka adds to the aura of Modi on his fourth anniversary in office.

A Vicarious Win for Modi ~ by V Shoba
A complacent Congress and a hortatory Hindutva campaign make way for the BJP in Karnataka.

The Executive Unbound ~ by Siddharth Singh
Institutional authority is everything.

Can the Hanuman Sticker Serve as a Prophecy for 2019? ~ by Rahul Pandita
It’s the culture, stupid.

The Poor Will Pave the Way for 2019 ~ by by Amita Shah
What’s cooking in the countryside?