Assembly Elections 2016

BJP’s chief ministerial candidate Sarbananda Sonowal (foreground) in Guwahati
J Jayalalithaa
CPM leader VS Achuthanandan at a campaign rally in Kannur
CONVENIENT PARTNERS A joint campaign poster for the CPM and Congress in Kolkata. The two rivals have forged a seat-sharing pact (Photo: DEBASREE CHATTERJEE)
FAITH ACCOMPLI: Poa Macca Masjid, Hajo, Kamrup district, Assam (PHOTOS: MANASH DAS)
Assembly Elections 2016

Reading the Future in the Ashes of Thursday ~ by S Prasannarajan
A comrade who defies both biology and ideology in Kerala.

Congress: The Dead Old Party of India ~ by PR Ramesh
A verdict that magnifies the irrelevance of the Congress and strengthens the modernisation agenda of the Prime Minister

West Bengal: Soaring Sister and Falling Fossils ~ by Ullekh NP…

Tamil Nadu: The Cult of Mother is Intact ~ by V Shoba
For the first time, Tamil Nadu has voted back an incumbent party contesting without an ally

Assam: Storming the Citadel ~ by Siddharth Singh
Assam’s anxiety about its identity and illegal migration made it a natural constituency for the BJP

Kerala: Red With a Dash of Saffron ~ by Shahina KK
The UDF has suffered a humiliating setback after a no-holds-barred campaign in which it was seen as aligning with communalists of all hues

Jayalalithaa: The Mother of All Battles ~ by V Shoba
A smug Jayalalithaa parachuting into constituencies, Stalin in damage control mode, smaller parties turning up the heat. V Shoba watches the great election circus in Tamil Nadu

Kerala Assembly Elections 2016: Down the Beaten Path ~ by MG Radhakrishnan
The oldest warhorse, the crafty red don, a damaged chief minister and the spoiler in the fray. It’s between the predictable and the historical in Kerala

Mamata Banerjee: What, Me Worry? ~ Ullekh NP
Mamata Banerjee is unfazed by the advantage the CPM-Congress combine has in terms of electoral math

Priestly Tales by the Brahmaputra ~ Siddharth Singh
An imam and a primus and how faith and identity can swing the Assam vote

Assembly Elections 2016: Backlash Or Backslap? ~ Ullekh NP
How the minority vote will make the most decisive difference in the coming Assembly polls

Jayalalithaa Vs Karunanidhi: Absentee Amma And The Scriptwriter ~ by V Shoba
It’s epic kitsch all over again as Jayalalithaa meets Karunanidhi in the arena for what could be their last big battle. Open watches the preparations

Mamata Banerjee: I’m The Change ~ by Sunanda K Datta-Ray
In a Bengal that has shed ideals and ideology for pragmatism, politics still swirls around Mamata Banerjee, loved by the bustees and dismissed by the bhadralok. The Didi paradox

Disparately, Desperately ~ by Siddharth Singh
What is it that unites the four states? It’s more than the changing idea of welfarism

Dalits: Stand up and Be Counted ~ by Kumar Anshuman
Dalits across the states are refusing to be anybody’s vote bank

VS Achuthanandan: Comrade VSOP ~ by Shahina KK
What is it that makes VS Achuthanandan, Kerala’s most youthful politician at 92, the most popular Indian communist?