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Assembly Elections 2017

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi on the campaign trail in Agra

S Prasannarajan | PR Ramesh |  Ullekh NP | Kumar Anshuman | Siddharth Singh | Rahul Pandita | Lhendup G Bhutia | Rahul Verma and Pranav Gupta | Valson Thampu | Dhiraj Nayyar | Priyanka Kotamraju and Anshu Lalit | Praveen Rai

Web Exclusive: Ascent of the Maximum Leader ~ By S Prasannarajan
Modi is the only idea that animates India

Web Exclusive: Modi Conquers Middle India ~ By Kumar Anshuman
The BJP workers' new slogan in Lucknow, ‘No Confusion No Mistake, Gaye Akhilesh Gaye Akhilesh’

The War Modi Cannot Afford to Lose ~ By Ullekh NP
What’s at stake for the Prime Minister in UP?

UP Assembly Elections 2017: Fight to the Finish ~ By Praveen Rai
Are we heading for another psephological surprise?

A Matter of Maya ~ By Rahul Pandita
The quiet rise of BSP in the battle for UP

A Cry in the Wilderness ~ By Priyanka Kotamraju and Anshu Lalit
What do women want? We listen to desperate voices, from labourers to rape survivors, in Bundelkhand

The Voodoo Vote ~ By Kumar Anshuman
The unopposed candidacy of superstition

Mulayam Singh Yadav: The Missing Patriarch (Web Exclusive)~ By Kumar Anshuman From the bellwether of the party to a sulking veteran, Mulayam’s absence is not taken lightly by his supporters

Fault Lines and False Notes ~ By Ullekh NP
Communal resentment still simmers in volatile western UP and no party is averse to harvesting it

Sampat Pal: The Lady in Pink ~ By Priyanka Kotamraju and Anshu Lalit
The tattered legacy of a revolution casts a shadow over the Gulabi Gang leader Sampat Pal’s struggle for political legitimacy

Freedom Fight in Rampur ~ By Kumar Anshuman
It’s a difficult choice for Muslims as the battle between the Nawabs and the Khans intensifies

Enter Priyanka ~ By PR Ramesh
A desperate Congress in search of life-saving mystique

Goa: Coastal Anxiety ~ By Lhendup G Bhutia
Will new players spoil the party?

The Doon Spool ~ By Kumar Anshuman
It’s advantage BJP and a rudderless Congress has no counter-argument

Manipur: The Geography of Change ~ By Dhiraj Nayyar in Imphal
A state of opportunity, not challenge

The Day of the Bicycle Prince ~ By Ullekh NP
Footloose in Akhilesh’s Lucknow

Punjab: The Lonely Battles of Land and Limb ~ By Rahul Pandita
Wooed but still orphaned, Dalits are not swayed by the mainstream parties. Rahul Pandita travels in the Malwa region to find out why

The Fiefdom Struggle ~ By Valson Thampu
The patricide in Lucknow is good for democracy

Mulayam Singh Yadav: The Home Turf ~ By Kumar Anshuman
Mulayam still rules the Yadav strongholds

Punjab: A State of Flux ~ By Siddharth Singh
A beleaguered ruling party is set against a slothful opposition

Akhilesh vs Mulayam: Mortal Combat ~ By Kumar Anshuman
Is the Yadav family of Uttar Pradesh headed for a war of attrition?

The Mid-Term Mood ~ By Ullekh NP
Upcoming polls in five states will test Modi’s sway over the nation

A Defiant Akhilesh Gives the Cold Shoulder to Mulayam's Truce Attempt ~ By Kumar Anshuman
Senior SP leaders believe that Mulayam Singh still holds the string and normalcy would soon be restored by Diwali. But as of now, there is no celebration waiting for the Samajwadi Party.

Will Mulayam End up Being Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan? ~ By Kumar Anshuman
The biggest loser in the current Samajwadi Party's in-house battle is Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Return of the Brahmin  ~ By Kumar Anshuman
Who will win the race for the highest caste vote in UP? Kumar Anshuman reports on a community’s struggle to regain political glory.

Bloodshed in the House of Mulayam ~ By Kumar Anshuman
Is the son losing the generational war in Lucknow—at least for the time being.

Being Akhilesh Yadav ~ By Kumar Anshuman
The ruler of an unruly state.

Not caste but development will bring us back to power”: Akhilesh Yadav ~ By Kumar Anshuman
The law and order of the state is always hyped up whenever a SP government comes to power, says UP Chief Minister.

End of an Illusion ~ By Rahul Verma and Pranav Gupta
Mayawati needs to build a coalition that goes beyond mere social identities

Amit Shah Has Cast(e) the Vote ~ by PR Ramesh
Battlefield UP .

The Dons of Poorvanchal: Lords of the Ring ~ By Kumar Anshuman
The dons of Poorvanchal become the most sought-after in the political market of Uttar Pradesh.