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Ayodhya: 25 Years Later

Ayodhya: 25 Years Later

S Prasannarajan | Swapan Dasgupta | PR Ramesh | Siddharth Singh | Ullekh NP | Amita Shah | Rahul Pandita

Editor’s Note: Demolition-Reclamation-Reinvention ~ S Prasannarajan
A temple in Modi’s India, if his words are any indication, cannot afford to be incompatible with the spirit of modernisation he has unleashed.

The Hindu Inflexion ~ Swapan Dasgupta
The domes of Babri Masjid fell on the remains of the Nehruvian consensus. The aftershocks are being felt even today.

A vandalised civilisation ~ PR Ramesh
We have ensured that Delhi’s and north India’s Hindu heritage remains hostage to a mix of distortions and apathy, writes PR Ramesh.

Dateline history ~ Siddharth Singh
The operative emotion here is one of longing—for better work, opportunities, and, of course, for the grand temple.

Man of the Movement ~ Ullekh NP
LK Advani was the original apostle of hardcore Hindutva and the man who mobilised India for the sake of Rama.

In the name of Rama ~ Amita Shah
From behind the scenes as well as the frontline, they provided the intellectual, political and spiritual ballast to a movement that culminated on Demolition Day.

The first Kar Sevak ~ Rahul Pandita
Kameshwar Chaupal recounts the exact moment he was called to lay the first brick of the proposed Rama temple in Ayodhya.