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FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018

S Prasannarajan | Simon Kuper | Aditya Iyer | Mugil Bhaskar | Andy Nicholls | Dileep Premachandran |

Putin’s Footie and El Diego ~ by S Prasannarajan
The most domineering strongman of the day badly needed a mood booster. The Russian president has one in the FIFA World Cup

The Last Glory ~ by Simon Kuper
A game in history and the tradition of defeat in Russia

Two Stars and a Constellation ~ by Aditya Iyer
In the end, it’s all about two geniuses and one superteam. Nothing else

The Fault in Their Stars ~ by Mugil Bhaskar
You cannot mention Messi without bringing up Maradona. The mood in Argentina is one between gratitude and grudge.

Confessions of a Football Hooligan ~ by Andy Nicholls
The emotional hurt of supporting England and other acts of violence

Romancing Brazil ~ by Dileep Premachandran
The beautiful legacy of the last redeemer

What Are We Doing There? ~ by Deepak Narayanan
With no dog in the fight, Indians still travel the world to see the Cup

Big Bear Hug ~ by Ekaterina Motyakina
The pain and pleasure of hosting the greatest game on earth. A report from Moscow.

Golden Feet ~ by Aditya Iyer
32 Teams. 32 Stars

Mise En Soccer ~ by Rahul Desai
Action and emotion merge seamlessly in football films