Freedom Issue 2017

Freedom Issue 2017

Freedom Issue 2017: India at 70

Editor’s Note ~ by S Prasannarajan
India at 70 is feeling what it means to be free


Was Partition Inevitable? ~ by Roderick Matthews
It was about human frailty: stubbornness, inexperience and ambition

Partition: Lives Apart ~ by TCA Raghavan
Three contrarian Partition stories: a Punjabi Muslim, a Frontier Pathan, and a sensationalist

The Past is a Divided Country ~ by Nayanjot Lahiri
Is it possible for the Mohenjodaro necklace and girdle to be reunited?

The Other Mutiny: 1946 Naval Rebellion ~ by Pramod Kapoor
Spare a thought for the heroes of the 1946 naval rebellion

Throwing out Secular Nehru with the Socialist Bathwater ~ by Zareer Masani
The end of an idea that was Indian politics’ greatest contradiction

Media in the Mirror ~ by Shashi Tharoor
Journalism in a time of change

Who Killed Swaraj? ~ by Aseem Shrivastava
The fallacy of the development doctrine

Partition Narratives and National Projects ~ by Anam Zakaria
Hell is the other, still

The Rama Sutra ~ by Arshia Sattar
From the karmic to the dharmic

Portraits of Partition in Four Fictional Characters ~ by Nandini Nair
Borderline figures

Rewind and Forward: 1947-2017 ~ by Vishwajyoti Ghosh
A graphic essay


Gandhi on My Canvas ~ by Atul Dodiya
An artist of non-violence

Dispatches from History

Introduction ~ by Aresh Shirali
The lesser known sites of pivotal relevance to our national experience

Arcot: The Prototype of Divide-And-Rule ~ by Ullekh NP
The idea of Arcot

The Story of Two Maidans ~ by Madhavankutty Pillai
The grounds beneath freedom’s feet

The Enigma of Aligarh ~ by Aresh Shirali
Charge him with separatism or uphold him as a visionary, Syed Ahmad Khan has left us plenty to puzzle out

Reclaiming Sivaganga ~ by V Shoba
Memories of the first resistance

Punjab: Seeds of Secession ~ by Siddharth Singh
Punjab highlights the disasters that can arise when political unscrupulousness is mixed with religious fervour