General Election 2019

General Election 2019

S Prasannarajan | MJ Akbar | PR Ramesh | Ullekh NP | Siddharth Singh | V Shoba | Amita Shah | Aditya Iyer

The Name of the Change ~ by S Prasannarajan
Modi, as man and idea, is a layered construct.

The Meaning of the Mandate ~ by PR Ramesh and Ullekh NP
Right on.

The Price of a Wink ~ by MJ Akbar
A dynasty which once sprinkled stardust has been reduced to sawdust.

The Giant Killer ~ Amita Shah
Relentlessly chasing Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, she finally overtook him through perseverance.

The Orator and His Perfect Flourish ~ Kaveree Bamzai
Words may well have won Prime Minister Narendra Modi a second term.

Memes in Hope of Private Utopia ~ by Rahul Pandita
As his opposition remained entangled in useless wisecracks, Modi fused majority concerns with nationalism to create a winning cocktail.

The Redundancy of the Elite ~ by PR Ramesh
How Modi wrested back control of communicating with India from political and intellectual cliques.

The Autumn of Dynastic Politics ~ by Siddharth Singh
Fin de family.

The Southern Frontier ~ by V Shoba
The BJP put up its best-ever show in Karnataka but stopped short of making headway in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Why Modi is Still the One ~ by S Prasannarajan
Modi’s individual integrity gave the politics of hope a greater sense of authenticity

The Dawn of Hindu Politics ~ by PR Ramesh
A new idea of India as defined by Modi

High and low ~ by Siddharth Singh
From nationalism to name-calling and from the insignificant to the intricate, this season of electioneering brought out the best and the worst of Indian politics.

Poll pot ~ by Jayanta Ghosal
If Narendra Modi's kurta is saffron, then it is surmised the mood is Hindutva. On Budget day, his kurta was green, the colour of farmers. What colour will he wear on May 23rd is the question on many lips now.

Quote Hanger ~ Madhavankutty Pillai
Remember how I described him on 7 December 2017? Was I not prophetic?, asks Mani Shankar Aiyar.

Straining At the Fringes ~ by Siddharth Singh
Away from the humdrum of noisy electioneering, on three edges of the country—Kashmir, the Assam border and the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh—democracy faces different varieties of disenchantment that are hard to undo.

Sense and the City ~ by Ullekh NP
As civic issues dominate the poll debate in Chandigarh, Congress hopes to wrest the seat from BJP, which is looking up to Narendra Modi as the saviour amid local pressures.

Capital Gain ~ by Amita Shah
BJP hopes arithmetic will go in its favour in Delhi’s triangular contest.

Varanasi: The City of Flickering Light ~ by Shylashri Shankar
In the 2014 elections, Shylashri Shankar found Varanasi under the spell of Narendra Modi. Revisiting it in the current campaign, she finds some change is evident but the fault lines underneath remain the same.

Doctor on Call ~ by Jayanta Ghosal
His Master’s Voice | Less Colour | Spy Game | Shooting Star | Voice Protection | No to Bengal | Aurobindo Connection | Enter Computer Baba.

The Pop Culture PM ~ by Kaveree Bamzai
Chasing the youth vote is an integral part of the cool-politician vibe.

General Election 2019: Quote Hanger ~ by Madhavankutty Pillai
My mother is contesting from here and she is a noble soul. You all should vote for Mata, that is, Bharat Mata, says Varun Gandhi.

Riding the Nationalist Wave ~ by Rahul Pandita
It’s Modi versus the rest in Bihar. Rahul Pandita travels across a state where Pulwama still reverberates

Campaign Sketches ~ by MJ Akbar
Tandoori Tea, Binglish Slogans and the Cautious Forecasts of Poets

Poll Pot ~ by Jayanta Ghosal
Modi’s Seshan

Quote Hanger ~ by Madhavankutty Pillai
I wanted to say Maulana Azad but uttered Muhammad Ali Jinnah, says Shatrughan Sinha

Fire and Ire ~ by Amita Shah
As Smriti Irani storms the pocket borough of the Gandhis, Amita Shah catches up with the fiery challenger of Amethi

Electoral Intelligence ~ by Moinak Mitra
The use of technology, ranging from big data to crunch voter information to predictive modelling about margins of victory, has changed elections in India too

In Thrall to Our Man of Deliverance ~ by Aditya Iyer
The many variations of the idea of Narendra Modi as seen from the ghats of Varanasi

Inside the Mind of the Indian Muslim Voter ~ by Ullekh NP and Amita Shah
India’s largest minority community is gripped by fear and anxiety

Sisters Lose ~ by Kaveree Bamzai
The family bias in Indian politics

A Limited Thriller ~ by Michael Kugelman
The world is watching the Indian election. Sort of

Modi’s Point Person ~ by Jayanta Ghosal
Old Guard Math | Unseen Together | Rajya Sabha Runaround | Family Agony | Campaign Capsule | Biding Her Time | Common Ground

The Soldier Sadhvi ~ by Kaveree Bamzai
With their decision to field Sadhvi Pragya, analysts feel BJP hopes to tap the psychic rage among some Hindus who feel she was unjustly made the symbol of ‘Hindu terror’

Quote Hanger ~ Madhavankutty Pillai
If you rub a cow’s back towards the front, your blood pressure will be maintained, says Sadhvi Pragya

Fallacy of the Ideal Candidate ~ by Madhavankutty Pillai
The difficulty of extreme enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct

Campaign sketches ~ by S Prasannarajan
The ascetic versus the urbane and the swing vote of Gods

Modi’s tryst with militarism ~ by PR Ramesh and Siddharth Singh
The Balakot air strikes, which are paying electoral dividends now, were a result of Modi’s clear comprehension of public anger and a new nationalism forged after the Kargil War

On the fake news trail ~ by Jayanta Ghosal
The Show Must Go On | Prison Break | Enemy of My Enemy | Tears for Votes | Surprise First Visitor | A Paramilitary Question

The cult of Hanuman ~ by Kaveree Bamzai
Political masculinity gets a divine mascot

Quote Hanger ~ by Madhavankutty Pillai
I knew in 17 days the colour of that person’s underwear was khaki, says Azam Khan

The Gender Quotient of Politics ~ by Kaveree Bamzai
The greater the variety of women politicians, the easier it will be for more to join

Much ado about Mumbai ~ by Lhendup G Bhutia
With the Shiv Sena wooing outsiders, the Congress banking on film stars and the BJP determined to repeat its best showing ever, it is maximum politics in the Maximum City

Back to Ballari ~ by V Shoba
Can the BJP win back its stronghold in northern Karnataka from a crusader against corruption?

No full stops for Shah ~ by PR Ramesh
Up in the air playing with numbers in the privacy of a chartered flight or among the swelling legion of followers on the ground, Amit Shah has only one mission in life: Modi in power. PR Ramesh on the campaign trail with the tireless BJP president

‘Nationalism should be the main issue in every election’ ~ by PR Ramesh
Between flights to multiple states, rallies, roadshows and relentless phone calls, Amit Shah tells PR Ramesh why the BJP will return to power in Delhi.

The sleeping giant of Tumkur and the missing Gandhi of Bidar ~ by MJ Akbar
Campaign sketches

The Advani problem ~ by Jayanta Ghosal
The anger at LK Advani being ‘denied’ the Gandhinagar ticket notwithstanding, few know the 91-year-old had already decided to not contest.

Demography is destiny ~ by Siddharth Singh
In Assam, it’s a contest between river and religion.

‘I am not an aspirant for any post,’ says Chandrababu Naidu ~ by Madhavankutty Pillai
Quote Hanger

Daring the juggernaut ~ by Amita Shah
Can Modi storm Naveen Patnaik’s citadel? Amita Shah reports on the epic battle of Odisha.

Daughter dutiful ~ by V Shoba
V Shoba catches up with Kanimozhi Karunanidhi as the charismatic DMK leader makes her electoral debut in Thoothukudi,

Follow the script ~ by V Shoba
On keeping Karunanidhi’s literary legacy alive in the arena.

The socialist fetish ~ by S Prasannarajan
Forget wealth with welfare. Wealth is welfare

The angry debunker ~ by Ullekh NP
Can the aggressive campaign of Rahul Gandhi regain India for the Congress?

Swing and Sway ~ by Lhendup G Bhutia
The paradox of alliances and other unknowns in Maharashtra

Intimately Priyanka ~ by Aditya Iyer
Aditya Iyer finds out how the Gandhi mystique plays out on a campaign trail

Hot War ~ by V Shoba
V Shoba reports on the unequal fight in Andhra Pradesh where the TDP of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu struggles against a resurgent YSR Congress led by Jagan Mohan Reddy

‘Naidu has lost control of governance,’ says Pawan Kalyan
An interview by V Shoba

Poll Pot ~ by Jayanta Ghosal
In between hectic campaigning, #Modi received phone calls from the Abu Dhabi crown prince with an unusual request. They wanted him to do the shilaanyas for a big Hindu temple there

The not so great second act ~ by Madhavankutty Pillai
On stars that twinkle during elections

#QuoteHanger ~ by Madhavankutty Pillai
To distance the Hindu religion itself from political terror is wishful thinking

Via Wayanad ~ by Shahina KK
Rahul gives the Congress a boost in Kerala

Will its Hindu revivalist past haunt West Bengal’s future? ~ by Ullekh NP
Ullekh NP travels across a state where the social base of one of India’s strongest regional leaders faces the challenge of subterranean Hindutva

Modi Versus Not Being Modi ~ by S Prasannarajan
They tell us a lot about how bad the chowkidar is but nothing about how good they are

I, Chowkidar ~ by MJ Akbar
Is Modi riding an Everyman wave?

The Last Battle of the Long Marchers ~ by Amita Shah
It may be the final act in the political theatre for these war-scarred veterans

Death of Chemistry ~ by V Shoba
The mistrust within the Congress-JDS coalition adds to BJP’s advantage in Karnataka

Nationalism: Right on Time ~ by PR Ramesh And Siddharth Singh
Nationalism is back as a persuasive theme in this General Election

The Illusion of Unity ~ by Amita Shah
Despite desperate moves, national opposition lineup against the BJP remains elusive

The Gender Card ~ by V Shoba
The outrage at the Pollachi sex abuse racket gives Opposition politicians a foothold in the battle to win the trust of women, a constituency methodically cultivated by MGR and Jayalalithaa

Southern Rethinking ~ by V Shoba
The man behind DMK’s social media strategy works towards a Dravidian makeover.

Desperately Chandrababu Naidu ~ V Shoba
How BJP has become a suitable enemy for the Andhra Chief Minister

How UP Defines India 2019: The State of the Nation ~ by PR Ramesh
Modi faces changing alliances and attitudes

The Modi Momentum ~ by PR Ramesh
The Prime Minister’s transformation agenda will be put to the test

Time to Splurge ~ by Siddharth Singh
In election season, it is usual to see populist spending but this time there’s a twist or two in the story

Mamata Banerjee: The Iron Sister ~ by Sunanda K Datta-Ray
The strongwoman with a human face

A View from the Wild East ~ by Ullekh NP
From Varanasi to Gorakhpur, from Modi's constituency to Yogi's fief, the combined might of SP and BSP and the charisma of Priyanka Gandhi hope to make a dent in the BJP bastion. Ullekh NP travels through a volatile stretch of Indian politics

Enter Priyanka: Can She Save the Day for Rahul? ~ by Ullekh NP
The return of the original Gandhi mystique

How WhatsApp Is Changing Indian Politics ~ by Ullekh NP
WhatsApp’s prized encryption technology becomes a powerful weapon for the fake news industry in its biggest and most complex market, India, ahead of the 2019 poll

Caste, Cows and the Countryside ~ by Amita Shah
Does BJP need to fear Akhilesh Yadav’s alliance with Mayawati in UP?